Undercover police operation finds Class A drugs in Bristol home

Sarah Vesty/DailyRecord

Bristol undercover cops seized drugs such as cocaine and LSD worth €6,000 including luxurious watches and designers gears in Bedminster. The operation started at Spring Street, Bristol when undercover police observed an unmarked van with people waiting for somebody.

The accused, Laurence Maddox, 20 years old, is found with possession of drugs in his home in Bedminster. He admitted guilty before the court of five charges of drug possession to supply. Apart from this, he also pleaded guilty for two charges of Class C drug possession.

After the sentence was postponed for six months, the presiding judge of Bristol Crown Court, Judge Michael Longman, gave the accused 150 hours of unpaid rehabilitation and work within the 12-month community service.

According to the judge, Maddox is exceptional and somebody that can be dealt with even without immediate custody.

The prosecutor, Richard Posner, said that it was suspicious police who had search and trace Maddox home that time the incident happened.

The police found in Maddox house 19 grams of cannabis, 70% of pure cocaine that is valued at €780, sealable bags and scales, and €550 cash. Aside from that, police also recovered LSD paper tabs at €410 value, €4,000 worth of 48 grams of cocaine, and €360 worth of Ketamine.

Additionally, the search has also found several mobile phones and MDMA that is estimated to have a value of €760, Class C oxymetholone and methandienone drugs, and a €60 cash.

The accused defendant, Robyn Rowland, said that his client had suffered anxiety issues ad trauma during his childhood and is ready to address it with a psychiatrist. He also said that Maddox was known to sell drugs.

The man involved in the delivery service was spared with immediate custody.


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