This is the Number of Motor Vehicle Accident Fatality from Last Year in Somerset



According to the Department for Transport, there were 22 deaths on Somerset’s roads last year, a number that signifies a 12% decrease from 2016.

This number is the lowest Somerset has seen in five years and flies contrary to the South West region’s trend that has seen a 15% rise in motor vehicle accident fatalities in the same period. The national figures for this phenomenon remain static.

While figures also indicate that 2017 has seen the lowest number of injury collisions ever reported in the country at 1,000, the number of serious injury accidents went up from 158 to 164 to mark a 4% increase.

According to Councillor John Woodman, Somerset County Council’s Cabinet Member for Highways: “The continued trend of falling deaths and people involved in collisions is positive, but there is more to be done and we’ll continue to work closely with our partners to improve things further through our recently adopted road safety strategy.”


Injury collision data is collected by Avon and Somerset Police and in turn analysed by Somerset County Council’s Road Safety Team who publish a Road Casualty Review every year in order to highlight trends and make recommendations for possible solutions to problems.

2018’s figures are currently being monitored and up to the end of June 2018, being the latest available, there were 14 fatalities, 76 serious and 499 slight injury casualties recorded.


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