Stolen Dog Finally Reunited with Bristol Owner after Three Weeks Missing


For over 24 days, a pooch had been missing from its home in Bristol, when a woman in Southmead informed its owners of the dog’s location.

The woman, who called claimed to have seen a man take the dog out of a van in the Kings Chase Shopping Centre car park in Kingswood, which is six miles away from where the dog went missing.

Caroline Harrison, the dog’s owner, offered a £1,000 reward for finding Cookie, her family’s precious seven-year-old cockapoo when he disappeared from their home in Bishopston on Friday, September 28.

When she was busy unloading her shopping bags from her car, left the back gate open during her journey to and from the car. Taking the last bag, her husband closed their gate without knowing that Cookie had strayed out into the lane.

Putting up a £1,000 reward and over 600 posters across the city, Cookie was found after many hoaxes and attempted scams. Her family finally received a legitimate call about Cookie. The caller was a woman who claimed to have seen a “rough looking” man who was with the dog.

Seeing her watching, he approached the woman, asking if she wanted to buy the dog. Her story goes on that he requested £650 pounds, a lot of money for a seven-year-old dog. She says to have bought the dog in the car park, but does not recall the time or day of its occurrence, so a CCTV confirmation will prove extremely difficult.

Regardless of their skepticism, they thanked the woman and paid her £900 as a reward. Caroline says, “I’ve had a fantastic response from Bristol. There has been a huge commitment to finding her. I’m incredibly thrilled that she’s back.”


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