Social Worker Removed from Work after Falsifying Working Hours

Social Worker Removed from Work after Falsifying Working Hours

Jane Rosalind Gordon was a long time member of South Gloucestershire Council. She started working for the council on April 9, 2001, as a care manager and social worker, then worked her way up to social work senior practitioner or did she?

For two years, Gordon had been manually recording false clock-in and clock-out hours to her card. It had been ongoing until her boss became suspicious and asked her to use the automated swipe-card system instead of log her working hours. Her boss might have thought that it was the end of it, but Mrs. Gordon proved him wrong.

After complying with her boss’s order to use the automated swipe-card system, Mrs. Gordon only waited for things to cool down before she went back to her old ways – manually and falsely recording her working hours.

This urged an internal investigation, wherein her deception got exposed. It was found out that her fraud started on January 1, 2015 and lasted until February 17, 2017. The additional hours that she logged in totaled to 358 hours which amounted to around £3,500.

Her hearing that took place in Bath in November last year did not go well for Mrs. Gordon. The panel suspended her for six months after having the allegations against her proven, advising her to use the time off to reflect on her misconduct and take steps to redeem herself.

However, last week’s tribunal was even stricter. Mrs. Gordon reasoned out that the discrepancies in the record were caused by data error and were merely unintentional, but the panel rejected these. After that, Gordon didn’t show up to her other hearing and refused to reflect on her wrongdoing.

Gordon’s refusal to cooperate only exacerbated her situation. This prompted the panel to have her removed from the position, given that the duration of her sham and the nature of the misconduct itself is backed by proof.

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