Roads Clear After Inmate Comes Down From Prison Roof


At around 8:30 pm Wednesday  night, a man climbed onto the roof of the Exeter prison and began hurling objects down. Residents in the area called the police who arrived the scene minutes later and cordoned the roads surrounding the prison. The roads which were blocked are the Blackall road and the New North road. Apparently, the blockade was put to ensure the safety of passers-by as the man on the roof kept on throwing objects.

The Devon and Cornwall police, which were both at the scene, confirmed that the Exeter Prison Service were handling the situation. The Prison Service assured that members of staff were working to resolve the situation and that there was no disruption whatsoever inside the prison walls. As at last night, and even now, the cause of the incident remains uncertain.

Reports have it that the man was still on top of the roof as at 11:30 Wednesday, but he was gone early this morning. The police reopened the road by 2:20 am and normal activities have since resumed. Reporter Jamie Hawkins made his way to the prison, confirming that everything indeed had quieted down and the man was no longer on the roof.

Meanwhile, expect updates to follow as there are still unanswered questions by the Prison Service. The obvious being what caused the incident in the first place, and why did it take so long to get the man off the roof?


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