Police Delivers Crime Advice to Cotham and Redland Residents After Bristol Burglaries


Police authorities warned and distributed leaflets to residents due to the alarming crime incident level spike of burglaries.

Leaflets labeled with Crime Advice have been delivered by the police to the affected residents of Cotham and Redland.

There were numerous cases of burglaries reported that urged the authorities to take action about the pressing cases.

Avon and Somerset Constabulary, the police force that disseminated the police advice amongst the residents of Cotham and Redland, stated that properties in the streets of the said areas were being targeted by the criminals for burglaries.

According to the crime advice circulated, half of the reported cases of burglaries were done by slipping the locks on rear doors, front doors or windows of houses.

The residents have been advised to ensure and make certain that their doors and windows are properly secured and locked and double-check everything before leaving their homes.

Avon and Somerset Constabulary also suggested to the residents to keep their valuables hidden and secured and to ensure the tracking of their laptops and mobiles.

The police appealed to the residents of Cotham and Redland to be vigilant to any suspicious activity most especially in the streets of the said locations where most of the burglary cases were executed.

If there is any suspicious activity spotted within the area, the residents were encouraged by the authorities to report it to the police immediately or dial 999.

The authorities in the affected areas are doing their best to be on the lookout for any incident requiring their speedy response.