Okehampton Town Council Urged to Act Fast If It Wants to Install Cameras

Okehampton Town Council Urged to Act Fast If It Wants to Install Cameras
According to GameCameraWorld, The town council of Okehampton has been pressured to get the long-planned funding for the installment of CCTV cameras at the town’s center and park.

What Are They Waiting for?

According to David Eaton, who works for OPCC (Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner) in Cornwall and Devon, he suggested the city councilors that they apply for shared funding so that local councilors can start the installment of CCTV for the safety of the public.In addition, he also mentioned that commissioner Alison Hernandez had already allotted some money for CCTV plans in other communities similar to the plans for Okehampton. Because commissioner Hernandez is planning to run for a political office in May next year, councilors need to act really fast and pursue the application for the CCTV funding.Eaton also adds that the chances of getting the much-needed money are higher if they pass the application as soon as possible.

The Many Advantages of CCTV for Okehampton

Since there was a recent series of vandalism, the council wishes to install 10 cameras in the town center and another 3 in Simmons Park. Similar to other communities in Devon, they want to request money from PCC to connect these cameras to a much wider CCTV monitor.Installment of game cameras is vital for finding missing people and using the footage as evidence.Only the police can access the footage on the system, so the parish council cannot monitor it. Though this is the case, this will be a great help for the police to prevent anti-social behaviors and crimes.Eaton also added that the CCTV plan was already secured in some towns in Cornwall. These CCTV cameras are monitored from the headquarters of Cornwall Fire Service which is near Camborne.

The Cost and Planning

Eaton said that £200,000 is the capital invested in Cornwall for the installation of game cameras in more than 11 towns. However, in Devon, there is no control room similar to the one Cornwall has. Its control room is effectively placed with the Cornwall Council. Police forces from Plymouth and Torbay, who have extensive 24-hour control rooms, don’t want to be involved in this matter.To gain access in PCC funding, the system would have to be linked to a control room in order for the police to check any camera in either Cornwall and Devon. Imagine a giant cobweb of CCTV cameras in different regions.PCC can provide 30% of the total cost of installing and plugging these cameras in Okehampton’s CCTV network. The amount can reach up to £15,000. The decision as to where to place the cameras specifically will be made by the police and the town council.One of the councilors, Tony Leech, has been trying for 12 years to have this plan become a reality. According to him, there have been agreements already, so it’s time to implement it. On July 21, all the town councilors are going to discuss whether they are going to pursue the funding application to the PCC or not.

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