Newtownabbey hate crime


Five Romanian men were under attack by a gang inside their house at HollyBank Drive about 20:20 GMT. The attackers used baseball bats to beat the occupants. One man was bleeding and brought to the nearest hospital, and some of the teenager occupants are left frightened.

According to the witness, broken window glasses and blood can be seen splattered on the floor.

“The scene was horrific”, she said who wanted to stay anonymous.

According to the woman, almost all windows are smashed, and the house was ruined. There also a piece of evidence that the toilet and bathroom are kicked in where she found splattered blood. At the backroom,  teenagers were hiding,  shaking and frightened.

“It was unbelievable. The last time I remember seeing something like that was during the Troubles” she said as she compares the situation from The Troubles, a violent conflicted framed by civil rights happened from 1968 to 1998.

The woman who entered the house to help and check the situation saw an old man who was severely injured. The man whose age is 28 or 29 was found on the floor of the main bedroom full of blood and possible head injury. The attackers used the baseball bat to beat the man on his leg and head.

Based on the scenario, it can be seen that the man had a broken or dislocated shoulder. It also looks like he was stabbed on the shoulder, his head is soaked with blood, and was in complete shock.

The scene left every neighborhood frightened especially those elderly who described what happened as something that should not be happening again.

“Under no uncertain terms can such a brutal attack be justified,” she said.

Police at the crime scene said the incident could be a possible hate crime. Noreen McClelland, councilor of SDLP also added that the attack is vicious, and he encouraged every witness to inform the police for proper investigation. Michael Goodman, a Sinn Fein Councilor also expressed about the issue of racism and that there should be no place for it in the society.

“I strongly condemn what is believed to be a hate crime against five men who were attacked with baseball bats in Hollybank Drive,” he said.

Ireland has some of the highest hate crime in the European Union but no certain law that can help address such problem.