Morrisons supermarket raided by men in balaclavas; staff threatened

Morrisons supermarket raided by men in balaclavas; staff threatened
Philip Halling/Geograph

Criminals attempted to rob a Cheltenham supermarket last September 24 but apparently left empty-handed before police could arrive.

According to Gloucestershire police, four men apparently wearing balaclavas to disguise themselves forced their way into a Morrisons supermarket located in Caernarvon Road in suburban Up Hatherley. The men broke through the entrance and exit doors using unspecified blunt objects.

Police were immediately reported of the break-in around 5:10 AM. However, the four men swiftly left the store using a white getaway vehicle and drove southeast towards Shudington Road.

After securing the area and learning that none of the employees were hurt, police forensic experts began their investigation. It was discovered that the main glass entrance and exit doors were smashed and displayed impact marks. Images later captured by press show two exterior exit doors which are heavily damaged along with another door inside the supermarket.

An employee manning the store’s entrance told police and public that the criminals were not able to steal anything nor hurt anybody inside the premises.

The supermarket later decided to continue operations amidst a police investigation, redirecting shoppers to use another entrance. There is currently no police tape placed at the scene of the break-in; however, barriers were placed to prevent public entry to the damaged store. Staff members reportedly blocked these entrances using trolleys.

Police officers investigating the supermarket incident have told customers and staff that they believe that the CCTV cameras present in the store have surely captured useful images of the break-in which could speed up the investigation.

The officers at Morrisons informed customers that the store’s CCTV might have captured images that will provide them with some information regarding the break-in. Despite this, investigating officers have sent out an appeal to anyone with information or who witnessed suspicious activities in the area that occurred before, during, or after the break-in. Those with information are asked to call police and quote incident number 63 when reporting.

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