Gloucester Woman Dies in ‘Horrific’ Two-Car Crash in New Zealand


A fatal accident in New Zealand last Saturday saw the passing of two women: Kerry Sargent, 42, from Gloucestershire, and Mary Peneamena, 65, from Auckland. The accident involved two cars, and both of the victims were front seat passengers. Shortly after the horrific incident (at 3:50pm), State Highway 1, Oakleigh road, was closed for more than five hours. Two other adults and a child were also reported injured as a result of the collision.

Two children (aged about 8 and 10) had their eyes full with all that was happening, but they were being consoled by people thought to have been driving behind the vehicles that crashed. One eye witness from Whangarei, Kevin Johnston, reported that one of the kids suffered some bruises from her seatbelt, but was being attended to by a woman from one of the cars traveling behind.

Johnston also confirmed that when he went to the other car there was a woman passenger who had died on the spot. A man crawled out of the car and was asking about his wife, but Johnston instinctively said the ambulance was on its way. A different witness told reporters from NZ Herald that the scene was nothing to write home about, but emergency services were on ground to attend to the victims.

The Foreign and Commonwealth office has told the BBC that it is prepared to offer consular support if the families involved reach out.


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