Family in Torquay Wakes up to Human Poo on the Roof of their New Car

Matthias93/Wikimedia Commons

The Petrakis family living in Upton Road, Torquay was in entire shock after their young daughter was awoken by the noise of men outside her bedroom window. The couple heard a noise in the street but they thought that their poor daughter was just having a nightmare.

According to the household’s CCTV footage, the men were laughing while filming themselves pooping and urinating on top of their new car.

One of them can be seen climbing on the family’s car. He then squats to defecate and stands up to take a pee. In the meantime, the other man is filming and taking pictures of the whole disgusting event using his mobile phone. Then, he is seen going down the road and climbing on to the next automobile.

The vehicle is owned by Kirk and Hannah Petrakis who owns K&H Carriages, a horse-drawn carriage company at Cockington. Kirk reiterated that the Honda Jazz car was bought one month ago.

The couple has turned over a copy of the CCTV footage to the Devon and Cornwall police department for further investigation.

The family wants the culprit to make an apology. They want the men to be named and to pay for the damage done to their car.

Kirk has been to different vehicle repair places to see if the car can get fixed without filing an insurance claim. However, this may not be the case because all the repair services he visited told him that the roof will cost about £2,000.

The incident truly caused a commotion in the household, especially to the young kids. Their little daughters are now afraid to sleep in their bedroom, thinking that the terrifying incident might happen again.

The family urges the police to have a more rigid authority over the people.

Devon and Cornwall Police are now carefully examining this horrifying crime.


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