Exeter Student Robbed by a Homeless Drug Addict


A man named Daniel Littlewood, 41 years old and former resident of St. Andrews Road, Exmouth was charged with burglary and robbery.

The act of burglary was caught in the CCTV footage where he used the backdoor of a shared home located at Cowick Street. He got some cards a laptop worth 250 euros placed in a wheeled suitcase. He was also seen wiping off his fingerprints from the doorknob.

CCTV footage in St. Thomas shopping centre also caught him trying to withdraw money using the cards he stole. The suitcase was still with him doing this transaction.

Littlewood admitted the crimes he committed like fraud, burglary, and possession of heroin and cannabis.

His friend named Danny Berner, 24 years old and also homeless, committed burglary before in the Exeter University. He stole a bank card which they used for a shopping spree. Berner and Littlewood’s exchange turns to use the card in stores like McDonald’s, CEX, Langmaids News, Newham Stores, and Tesco Express. They made purchases amounting to 306 euros before the card owner managed to cancel the card.

A refund was given by the bank to the card owner, but everything was lost for the owner of the laptop.

Judge Timothy Rose sentenced him to be jailed for 18 months, to be suspended for another 18 months, to go to drug rehabilitation and to pay 140 euros. Sooner, his friend Berner will also be sentenced.

Judge Rose told Littlewood that his lifestyle of being a drug user makes commit offences that are against the law.

Right now, Littlewood’s addiction is being addressed. Hopefully, he could be accommodated by the council at Safe Sleep Hostel after working on the addiction service.

Berner is also considered a candidate for the drug rehabilitation program. An assessment is a requirement before he got to the rehabilitation.


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