Driver charged with drunk driving at Falmouth

Driver charged with drunk driving at Falmouth

On December 2nd (Monday), a Falmouth man was arrested due to drunk driving at around 6:11 in the evening.

The car being driven struck off another vehicle on a gasoline station. Luckily, no one was harmed including the drivers. Both sides didn’t ask for medical attention, and negotiation between two parties is still ongoing. Their vehicles are damaged and the gasoline station equipment that they crashed onto was also damaged.

The other driver who was associated with the crash is demanding compensation for the repairs of his car which have been damaged from the body, tires, and motors.

The man who caused the crash was later on recognised as Nicholas Tew, aged 23, and a resident of Falmouth. He was confirmed to have been drunk driving and was later on turned over to the police headquarters for questioning. He also committed an additional count of reckless driving due to having his car’s headlights turned off during a drive.

CCTVs around the area didn’t get to catch the occurrence. One of the eyewitnesses said that the car hit a pole that led to the crash. The pole was later on found at about 10 feet from the crash.

Aside from drunk driving, police are also considering the absence of headlights as one of the reasons for the crash. The said location is along crossroads, and the other driver may have not seen the other vehicle coming.

The event happened in Sav on Main Street. The location was temporarily closed for investigation and reconstruction of the gasoline equipment that was damaged.

The gasoline station management is demanding for compensation and is currently negotiating with the police. The police are advising the general public to be mindful of driving and save themselves from law offences.

Nicholas Tew was charged with multiple counts of drunk driving, negligence, and vehicle lights violations.

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