Devon Police search for arsonist involved in the fire on Kingsley road


On Sunday, at about 5.30pm, a house on Kingsley road in Westward Ho! was set on fire by an unknown arsonist.

The arsonist set fire to the front door of the property and although three fire teams were called in to fight the flames, the building was severely damaged.

Fire fighters from the stations at Bideford and Barnstaple combatted the flames of the fire with hose reels with the crew from Appledore supporting.

The smoke that emanated from the fire was so thick that a couple of the firefighters needed to use breathing apparatus to protect themselves.

Reports state that the damage caused is at 15 per cent.

After the fire crew had put out the fire and thoroughly checked to certify there were no hotspots in the building, they left the scene with the police carrying out their investigation.

A representative of the fire service said: “Police were requested to attend the incident due to deliberate ignition. Duty of care was left with the police on scene.”

The arsonist remains at large as the police commence their search.




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