Cyclist Sustained Serious Head Injuries After Truro Crash

Cyclist Sustained Serious Head Injuries After Truro Crash
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A cyclist has been admitted to hospital following an accident at Highertown Truro 390A, Cornwall. The cyclist sustained head injuries after colliding with a car.

According to the police spokesperson’s statement posted on Devon and Cornwall police website, the policed received the news about the incident at around 19: 55hrs on Sunday 25 th October 2020. The accident happened near the County Arms pub, and as a result, the road was closed for the police to do investigations.

The hospital catering to the cyclist cited severe injuries, especially on the head of the cyclist. Police officers from Devon and Cornwall were ordered to come to the scene and do the necessary investigations and discover the cause of the occurrence. The ambulance crew also reported at the site in a bid to help the injured.

The police asked anyone that had witnessed the collision to report to them and assist in the investigation. Additionally, they asked if any person had taken dash camera footage to show up and provide it to them as part of the evidence. They also provided contact number 101 and logged 0827 of 25/10/20 for easy reference. They said this information was essential in tracing the vehicle involved.

Several accidents involving cyclists have been reported in Truro. While some have survived the injuries, a significant number of them succumb to the injuries. A similar incident that happened on December 28 involved a schoolgirl who was cycling on this road. However, she was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

Police have urged motorists to be very careful and observe traffic rules. They have to be mindful of cyclists and other passengers on the road. Observing traffic rules will not only save lives but also save time for road users. When an accident happens, the road must be closed for some hours to allow space for investigations.

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