Charlestown villagers decided to tackle youth violence due to lack of police action

Samantha Jade Royds/Flickr

A group of villagers set up the Keep Charlestown Safe group in an effort to tackle youth violence incidents which have been occurring in the Charlestown Harbour village.

However, after they held initial meetings with the police, members of the group stated that there’s not much help being offered to them.

Councillor Richard Hallows, the one leading the group, told the council that around 60 people came to support the group – all of who have experienced and witnessed violence and antisocial behaviour, particularly among the youth.

According to Hallows, they held a meeting at the St. Austell Police Station but was disappointed due to the lack of support and response from the police. He added that the police don’t seem interested in dealing with the situation.

He mentioned that a lot of their members expressed concern regarding the “high concentration of premises throughout the village”.

The group is now aiming to increase communication and publicity in the area so they can encourage more and more people to report incidents of violence. Hallows stated that Cornwall Council was not able to make any further actions in the past due to the lack of evidence.

He added that police already explained their limited resources and the fact that they have more problems to deal with in St. Austell. Although he understood that, he also felt that people in Charlestown require protection from the police.

For now, Hallows and the group will keep on pushing for agencies to provide the resources they need for the village. He hopes that the next meeting they will hold with the police next week can be a lot more productive.

Meanwhile, Parish council chairman Bill Leach stated that they’ve been trying to seek more help and support for the village. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to even receive PCSOs. He states that they have to keep the pressure going.


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