Accidents in Dorset caused by bad drivers – Department of Transport reveals


It is easy to blame road accidents on the weather or bad condition of the roads but the Department of Transport in Dorset has said that the main cause of accidents is bad drivers.

Data shows that more than 208 accidents last year were caused by drivers or riders failing to look properly.

Another common cause was the driver or rider failing to judge another vehicle’s speed, which occurred in 90 incidents in Dorset.

The figures are from the Department for Transport data, which lists about 78 contributory factors for accidents, as recorded by police. Some of the factors include bad driving, poor visibility caused by bad weather, sudden appearance of a pedestrian on the road, and so on.

According to RAC safety spokesman, Pete Williams, “More people lose their lives and are injured on Britain’s roads in accidents caused by driver or rider error than for any other reason. Last year, nearly two thirds of the fatalities on our roads were put down to mistakes. The two biggest driving errors that led to the most deaths and accidents were losing control of a vehicle and failing to look properly… Sadly, the picture doesn’t seem to be improving as these figures are fairly typical of recent years’ data.”

Plenty of road accidents occur as a result of driver impairment or distractions caused by alcohol, use of mobile devices while driving and driver fatigue.



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