A firefighter from Falmouth admits to driving under the influence in crash with a police cruiser

Steve Cooper/Twitter

A firefighter from Falmouth admitted to a Falmouth District Court to driving his truck while intoxicated when he crashed into a cruiser belonging to Falmouth Police. The accident happened in June at a closed road.

The east Falmouth firefighter, Jay Frisbee, pleaded guilty to charges of neglecting the operation of a motor vehicle and operating under the influence. The 37-year-old firefighter was, however, found not guilty to charges of over-speeding and operation of an unregistered motor vehicle.

On Friday, the Falmouth District Court sentenced Mr. Frisbee to a driver education program and a 45-day suspension of his driving license.

The incident happened on 24th June before midnight when Mr. Frisbee drove through a ‘Road Closed’ sign. Frisbee was driving his white pick-up truck around Acapesket and Menauhant.

Edward Dunne, the Falmouth Police Chief, said that the roads had earlier been closed since a car had hit a utility pole which snapped. Frisbee’s white pick-up drove through the road sign, over a curb before crashing into a Falmouth police cruiser that was parked at an intersection. The police department confirmed the officer in charge of the cruiser was not injured in the crash.

According to police reports, officers found Frisbee leaning against his truck’s tailgate after the crash. He was very apologetic and admitted to having a few drinks after the officers at the scene questioned him.

The police report also indicated officers at the scene noticed that Frisbee had unsteady feet and could not maintain his balance. He underwent a field sobriety test before getting arrested. Police officers found 2 empty Smirnoff nips as well as a can of White Claw Hard Seltzer that was almost empty.

The police chief said that Frisbee then refused to be administered a Breathalyzer test. The firefighter is on administrative leave and will be subjected to a personnel investigation.


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