17 Paedophiles and Sex Offenders Have Been Sent to Jail in 2019

Clayton Lenhardt/Incirlik Air Base

Alarmingly, the number of paedophiles and sex abusers have been rising. This issue has been monitored attentively by officials. This 2019, 17 paedophiles and sex offenders went to jail in Devon. These offenders came from different towns and cities.

Their uncontrollable behaviour has been monitored on offline and online, with their crimes varying from different degrees of sexual offense.

Here are 10 out of the 17 paedophiles and sex offenders who have been accused and sent to jail in 2019:

  • Matthew Medland, 17 years old, became really different from the children of the same age. He has been sent to prison after grooming a 13 years old girl online, having sex with her in a park at Barnstaple, and blackmailing an adult.
  • Scott Coombes, 29 years old, an online paedophile who targeted minor girls. He sent various sex messages to the victims. He was arrested at Paignton train station.
  • Dean Jagger, 44 years old from Devon, sexually assaulted a child and the other three victims. His victims suffered from tremendous trauma.
  • Dominic Nielen-Groen has been sent to jail for 1 year and counting. He used Instagram to connect with different underage girls.
  • Francis McDermott, a 75 years old priest, accused and arrested for abusing six victims since the 1970s. McDermott left a terrible memory to his victims that they will carry on in their lives forever.
  • Lee Hanson, from Exeter, sexually assaulted a model schoolgirl and a self-harming teenager for about nine years. The victim expressed shock after finding out that what Hanson has been doing with them was wrong.
  • Arthur Bawden, from Devon farm, had been abusing a girl on his farm since the 1970s. The victim was not aware that what he was doing with her was totally wrong.
  • Jeremy Morrish was caught after being monitored online. He sent sensitive images of his genitals to assuming teenage girls.
  • John Smith, a taxi driver, was arrested after sexually assaulting a frightened teenage girl. The victim confided in her friend on Snapchat.
  • Donald Styles, from Newton Abbot, was arrested after being investigated by the National Crime Agency. He bought a child sex doll imitation on China and was sent to his home. The officials raided and found 149 films and images of child abuse in his home.

The other 7 offenders were also sent to jail after their sexual offence. The officials hope to end the sexual and child abuse in the country.


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