14-Year-Old Girl in Exeter Verbally Abused By Stranger


An unknown man verbally abused a young teenage girl in Exeter, calling her an “ignorant cow”. The perplexing event occurred on Kinnerton Way, Exwick, after the 14-year-old victim was approached by a man in a blue car.

According to the police, he drove from the opposite side of the road, driving alongside her. The suspect is thought to be in his late 50s, balding and wearing glasses.

He asked for directions to Gloucester Road, but she did not respond and continued walking. He then proceeded to call her an ‘ignorant cow’ before driving away.

While the police do not seem to be treating this incident as a crime, they are using it as a reminder for parents to warn their children about strangers.

PCSO Will Malcolm says: “This girl has been given some good advice from parents in regards to this type of situation so she ignored him and walked on quickly.”

He goes on to suggest tips to keep children safe during half term. They include: making a family code word, running in the opposite direction if being followed, ignoring manners when in dangerous situations to call for help, and finding another parent with a child if assistance is needed.


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