Wiltshire Police Take Action Against Uninsured Cars



Wiltshire Police is taking against uninsured cars on the county roads which are believed to be up to 6,000 in number.

From Monday, 12th to Sunday, 18th November, 2018; necessary actions would be taken with the aim of stopping those vehicles from being driven on the roads.

According to statistics from the Motor Insurers Bureau, uninsured drivers are ten times more likely to have a drink drive conviction.

Letters totalling almost 1,400 in the past nine months have already been sent to the registered keepers of such cars to invite them to correct the situation before the vehicle is allowed to ply the roads again.

This is how they have responded so far to the letters:

  • 80% have done the needful and got insurance without delay.
  • 5% decided to scrap their vehicles upon receipt of the letter
  • 5% amounting to 70 vehicles have been seized by Wiltshire Police as the owners had continued driving them without insurance.
  • The rest are still being watched.

The Wiltshire Police have promised to invest more effort into getting those cars off the roads and also highlight the measures officers can take to protect other road users.

“We’ve been seizing vehicles for either no insurance or no licence since 2005 and during that time, I would estimate we have seized approximately 25,000 vehicles from across Wiltshire. Over half of these have been crushed and therefore permanently removed from our roads.

“We are trying to keep Wiltshire’s roads safe and reducing the number of uninsured vehicles in our county both directly and indirectly helps us to achieve this,” Sergeant Simon Drewett, of the Roads Policing Unit was quoted as saying.



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