COVID-19 Vaccination for Priority Groups to Commence in Truro

COVID-19 Vaccination for Priority Groups to Commence in Truro
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Recently, the world received the good news of the approval of COVID-19 vaccines that will likely bring life back to normal. UK has not been left behind as regulators have approved vaccines like Moderna, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca vaccines to be administered to its population starting this week of Jan. 11.

However, the vaccination exercise will be done in phases. The vulnerable groups such as front-line health care workers, seniors over 75 years, caregivers, residents, and staff in long-term care centres will be given priority in phase 1.

The vaccines are expected to be transported to Truro hospital’s special storage site on January 11. The residents will then be vaccinated from January 18, following the setting up of vaccination clinics in six locations by health care workers.

The six vaccination clinics will be set up in hospitals such as Colchester East Hants, Cape Breton, and Valley Regional Hospital. The other clinic sites will be at long-term care centres located in Northwood, Oceanview, and Shannex care residences.

The vaccines require very low temperatures during transportation and storage to maintain their effectiveness. Therefore, several cold storage facilities have been set up across the country.

Some front-line health workers in selected zones received the vaccine in December to enable them to work with confidence throughout the festivities period.

The chief medical officer in charge of health noted that the COVID vaccine distribution will vary from region to region because various delivery models have been adopted in different regions.

The authorities have mapped the regions into zones and have identified the priority zones where the vulnerable groups will be vaccinated first.

Phase 2 will commence in May. This phase will target the essential workers and the remaining health workers that are not in direct contact with the patients. Later, the government plans to roll-out the vaccination to the rest of the population.

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