Councilors to decide the Camborne homes plan after the developer was requested to withdraw from the plan

Councilors to decide the Camborne homes plan after the developer was requested to withdraw from the plan

The application for a plan to build 23 homes is set to return to the Cornwall council. This is despite the fact that the councilors had already requested the plan to be withdrawn. The proposals were submitted to the planning committee in December last year. However, during that meeting, Mr. J Mitchell was asked to withdraw the application after the councilors have postponed the decision.

The council had earlier refused planning permission for the development of 94 homes on the adjacent site. As a result, the council also deferred the development of the 23 homes since the development of the 94 homes was halted due to the lack of access.

The application for the 23 homes will be taken back to the council’s planning committee on Monday, January 13. Planning officers have recommended that the 23 home plan should be given the green light. Furthermore, the officers say that there is an existing outline planning permission for the whole affordable homes development that can allow access for the development of other plans as well.

The report tabled to the planning committee stated that the concern of the committee was access to the proposed site. The committee and applicant  acknowledge that there is already an existing planning permission that can provide access for the adjacent development. This is considered enough to acquire access to the adjacent site. However, to address the committee concerns, the applicant is ready to wait until the reserved matters of the 94 homes will be approved.

The development of the 23 homes plan would represent 26% of the total percentage of affordable homes.

John Herd, a local Cornwall councilor, asked the application to be tabled before the committee after layout, design, access, and drainage concerns by the public.

The planning committee of the west sub-area is set to meet on 13th January 7, 2020, to decide on the application.

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