Councillors Oppose Expansion Plan of Bristol Airport

Councillors Oppose Expansion Plan of Bristol Airport
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Bristol City councilors have rejected a plan to expand Bristol Airport which was meant to improve its annual passenger capacity.


The proposed expansion plan included a new car park and a transport hub. The airport managing director said that the plan was meant to boost its capacity from the current 10 million passengers to approximately 12 million passengers in a year.


The management further added that the plan would benefit the people from the region because they will not have to drive to London airports.


However, councilors from North Somerset opposed the plan citing the possible effects of environmental degradation.


Although the airport has a capacity of 10 million passengers, it has consistently recorded a lower number of about 9 million passengers every year.


The proposal was first presented to the residents to give their opinions and cast a vote. About 8800 members of the public objected to the proposal while 2400 supported it.


When the plan was presented in the council chambers, 18 councilors voted against it while 7 voted in favor of the plan and with just one abstention.


Dave Lees, the airport chief executive, expressed his disappointments after the rejection terming the move as a dangerous hindrance to the growth of the region.  He added that he will reflect on the matter and consider an appeal or a fresh plan.


The council meeting lasted for four hours after which they announced their decision at Weston-super-Mare. The majority of the councilors spoke against the recommended plan which was submitted by the planning officers for approval.


One councilor by the name John Morgan said that the approval of the proposal would hinder the attainment of the ambitious carbon neutrality vision by 2030.


On the other hand, Mark Hutchison supported the expansion plan because it would create hundreds of jobs for the residents. He added that the plan would boost the economy in the long run.

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