Coronavirus Vaccine Update in Falmouth UK

Coronavirus Vaccine Update in Falmouth UK
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The alarming declaration of global health emergency by the World Health Organization happened last January 30, 2020. The Novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) had its first outbreak in Wuhan, China, which spread in the entire world, causing temporary lockdowns.

Today, the United Kingdom is on its third lockdown since January 6, 2021. The government laid out restrictions for social events and leisure that prohibit the citizens from leaving their homes.

However, the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine developer announced in the last quarter of 2020 – a 90% effectivity vaccine, approved for usage in the UK since December 2, 2020; then followed by Oxford-AstraZeneca and Moderna vaccines.

Due to the soaring demand for vaccines, the rollout of vaccines is eligible only for frontline health workers and people over 65 years of age or at high risk of contracting the coronavirus.

In Falmouth, Governor Charlie Baker urges to expand the distribution of coronavirus vaccine in Cape Cod and the Islands since an estimated 27,000 citizens age over 75, of which 17% are Falmouth residents.

They are expected to have 975 doses per week at Barnstable County.

It has been termed “woefully inadequate and completely unacceptable” by Scott McGann, a Falmouth Health agent, as the vaccine allocation does not meet its expected standard. At least 5,000 doses per week, that’s how much the government should distribute to eligible residents in Cape Cod town, Medical Reserve Corp, VNA, health care workers, and centres.

The lack of funds declined the idea for a vaccine clinic that could accommodate at least 600 residents per day formed by the Town of Falmouth, Barnstable County, and Medical Reserve Corps.

Falmouth Town Manager, Julian Suso, resolved the issue by setting up a hotline with at least ten employees who take calls. It allows Falmouth residents to complete their registration process and book vaccine appointments.

Appointments can be arranged through the hotline number 2-1-1.

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