Coronavirus Test Workers in Torquay Rewarded for Their Hard Work

Coronavirus Test Workers in Torquay Rewarded for Their Hard Work

Frontline healthcare workers in Torquay were gifted with cookies as a sign of appreciation for their hard work. The workers have been conducting coronavirus tests at the Community Health Centre in Torquay.

They were given colourful biscuits with customized messages of appreciation. Some of the messages on the biscuits indicated that the workers are healthcare heroes.

This was an idea of a custom cookie maker based in Torquay. Leanne Quinn said that she believed that healthcare workers were doing a fantastic job, and they needed some form of appreciation.

Ms Quinn made and delivered the cookies to the health workers by herself. She also took the time to take photos with them and posted them on social media.

The workers also took the chance to thank her for her generous act. The workers noted that Ms Quinn’s act was a motivator and an inspiration. They added that their duty is to serve humanity and promote the health and wellness of all people.

Ms Quinn added that she was impressed by the work done by all NHS workers across the country. However, she cannot manage to make cookies for every health worker in the country. Therefore, she decided to do what was within her reach.

NHS workers have been on the frontline in fighting the coronavirus pandemic. The most fundamental part of fighting the pandemic is testing to know the exact number of people infected.

NHS test and trace team has been conducting tests across the country since the pandemic hit the country at the beginning of the year.

The team has mobile testing centres across the country. Results for tests done at these stations are released after 24 hours. However, some people prefer taking the home testing kits, and then couriers are sent to collect the results.

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