Coronavirus Report in Cornwall

Coronavirus Report in Cornwall

The global Ccoronavirus pandemic had paralyzed businesses and normal daily activities in the different parts of the UK for the last three months. The country was put on lockdown when the number of confirmed cases increased sharply.

Cornwall had its fair share of the cases. As of Wednesday, June 24, the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Cornwall stood at 594. However, the number of confirmed new cases in Cornwall has drastically reduced over the last three weeks.

The county has recorded a total of 90 deaths in hospitals so far, and the figure has remained unchanged for the last three weeks. The county has not recorded any new death in a hospital setting since June 2.

However, there have been deaths in other settings such as the community and care homes bringing the total number of coronavirus-related deaths in the county to around 203. This figure has remained unchanged for a week.

Although the mortality rate for those infected with the virus in Cornwall is high (34%), the overall Cornwall’s mortality rate is very low because the county has a population of about 568,000 people. Therefore, the overall mortality rate due to coronavirus is only around 0.04%.

The United Kingdom has so far recorded over a total 42,000 coronavirus related deaths from the 306, 000 confirmed cases as of this moment. Therefore, the national mortality rate for the infected people in the country stands at 14%.

Businesses in Cornwall are re-opening gradually after the prime minister announced a gradual re-opening of the economy from June 1. However, all the re-opened businesses are required to follow strict safety measures to ensure their customers are safe.

The prime minister lifted the national lockdown today, signalling the beginning of a full re-opening of the economy. The prime minister, however, urged the citizens to exercise caution whenever they are in public to ensure that they do not spread the virus.


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