Coronavirus Cases in Bristol Rise Again

Coronavirus Cases in Bristol Rise Again

Confirmed coronavirus cases in Bristol have risen again with four more people testing positive for coronavirus on Saturday, August 1. Currently, the total number of confirmed cases in Bristol stands at 1343, according to the latest data from the government.

Similarly, confirmed cases in South Gloucestershire have also increased. However, the numbers of cases in North East Somerset, Bath, and North Somerset have remained constant for the same period.

The rise in the cases in South Gloucestershire and Bristol has raised doubts over the effectiveness of the safety measures put in place by the government.

The R rate for the South West region of England has also risen, and it is currently the highest in the whole country. R rate is the infection rate of COVID-19 based on the probability of a coronavirus case to infect other people.

Currently, the R rate stands at 0.8 -1.1, which is an increase from the last week’s value of 0.7-1.0. Therefore, it means the risk of infection in the South West region is still high despite the government’s effort to contain the virus.

The infection rate can only shrink when the value of R falls to below 1. However, as it stands now, the value may remain at 1.1 throughout the week.

The government also released other official figures, which indicate that the case rate per 100000 in Bristol stands at 4.1. This is an increase from the previous value of 3.7 last week.

However, the case rate is a bit lower as compared to other places in the country. With the low case rate value, the city’s mortality rate remains low.

Bristol has recorded 252 coronavirus related deaths so far. This means that the mortality rate in the city is 18%, which is slightly higher than the national value of 15%.



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