Cornwall to Lose Billions as it Announces Tourism Ban Due to Coronavirus

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Cornwall is set to lose billions after it announced a ban on tourism due to the current coronavirus crisis. Business leaders have expressed fears that the ban will lead to huge losses this year.

The ban was announced recently as the authority put in place preventative measures to curb the spread of the deadly virus. However, the move has negatively affected local businesses across Cornwall. The city is expected to lose up to £2 billion this year.

Local politicians and the leaders of various tourist destinations joined hands in taking the unexpected move last week. They urged day-trippers and travellers to stay away from the premises to curb the spread of coronavirus.

Business leaders were anticipating a bumper year for tourism in Cornwall. They expected that tourists would flock the South West region as it has been the norm. However, their hopes faded when the ban was announced last week.

The government enforced a lockdown across the country this week to minimise movements as well as enforce social distancing measures. This was a big blow to the many small businesses in the city as they had anticipated a boom in sales during the Easter period.

Many businesses have since been closed leading to huge losses. A spot check through the city revealed that 90% of the businesses have been closed or are running with a handful of workers.

The CEO of the Chamber of Commerce in Cornwall, Kim Conchie, expressed his fears that many businesses will not survive throughout the summer. He added that many businesses have closed down while others are struggling to remain operational.

Mr. Conchie noted that tourism accounts for about 25-28% of the total GDP of Cornwall.  Therefore, this money will be lost if visitors are not allowed in.

However, he announced that business leaders are working on a recovery plan which will be announced in due course.


  1. So why are all the holiday lets around here in Bude full of tourists going around as normal, while we stay at home


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