Cornwall Temperatures to Fall to -3 Celsius as Gritters Head Out Again

Cornwall Temperatures to Fall to -3 Celsius as Gritters Head Out Again
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Cornwall temperatures are expected to fall below the freezing point for the third time in a row. The county will experience a chilly night as temperatures are expected to reach -30C in the morning in some areas.

Gritters will be rolled out on all roads in Cornwall from 2 PM today to Tuesday, January 21. In some parts of Cornwall, temperatures could fall again to -30C during the early hours.

The Met Office forecasted that temperatures would begin to rise later in the week. The weekend is expected to be more wet and windy.

Cornwall County Council is mandated with the management of approximately 7250 kilometres (4530 miles) of roads, including major principal roads and narrow country lanes. On the other hand, Highways England is in charge of the trunk roads A38 and A30 in the eastern region of Penzance.

The County Council spends over £1.5 million annually on roads affected by the winter weather. The money is spent on salting (gritting) of all the major roads when there is a risk of ice, clearing the snows, and attending to flooded areas and fallen trees.

The Met Office released temperature forecast for some regions in the South West as follows:

  • Today, January 21 – frost and fog may be slow to clear through the morning and later some sunshine through breaks in the cloud. The maximum temperature will be around 80
  • Tonight, January 21 – the night will be cold with fog patches reforming through the night. It is expected that there will be an overnight frost and clouds will spread to the east into the early hours. The minimum temperature will be -30
  • Wednesday, January 22 – there will be light rains with some hazy sunshine. The maximum temperatures will be 110
  • Thursday to Saturday, January 23-25 – Thursday will be cloudy and murky; Friday will be frosty while Saturday will be wet and windy.

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