Cornwall Records 15 More Coronavirus Cases

Cornwall Records 15 More Coronavirus Cases
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Today, 15 more cases of coronavirus were confirmed in Cornwall. While making the announcement, health officials said the new cases of COVID-19 were confirmed after a series of tests were conducted on the samples collected from the patients.

This brings the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Cornwall to 114. However, the figure could rise as there are individuals who are believed to have had contacts with the infected persons and are yet to undergo the tests.

On the other hand, 30 new cases were confirmed in Devon. Most of the cases were from Devon district which recorded 19 cases. Torbay and Plymouth recorded 7 and 4 cases respectively. This brings the total number of confirmed cases in Devon to 256.

Unfortunately, there were three corona virus-related deaths that were reported in Cornwall today. As of today, 19 people have succumbed to the coronavirus in Cornwall hospitals in the last 60 days.

There is a general concern across Cornwall as it was revealed that the testing kits are not enough and widespread. Some hospitals are unable to perform more than five tests in a day due to a lack of enough testing kits. This has slowed down the testing process which increases the risk of spreading the deadly virus.

However, the government announced that it is taking adequate measures to ensure a steady and constant supply of the testing kits. The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said that the key to unlocking the coronavirus puzzle is ramping up tests for COVID-19.

A statement released by Downing Street indicated the health secretary will make necessary arrangements to increase the supply of testing kits. This comes at a time when the UK is being criticized for lagging behind in the fight against the coronavirus.

The statement further revealed that the government is now able to perform 10,000 tests in a day. The samples collected from patients are taken to the PHE and NHS laboratories across the country for further analysis.

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