Cornwall Locals Raise Concern Over Holidaymakers Neglecting Coronavirus Warnings

Cornwall Locals Raise Concern Over Holidaymakers Neglecting Coronavirus Warnings

Tourists have flocked Cornwall, despite the stern warning from locals regarding Covid19 pandemic. Reports indicate that residents of Cornwall are concerned by the crowds of holidaymakers and their disregard to social distancing.

In social media, locals of Cornwall have described resorts as mad for not adhering to social distancing. According to one resident, Claire Harris 37, almost every member of her family is afraid of going out for shopping.

She further stated that her children no longer go harbor fronts or to the main shopping street.

Another local Vicky White, who hails from   Newlyn, said that the pavements are bustling, making one feel uneasy when walking along with children. Residents can no longer enjoy where they live.

In addition, Perranporth residents feel ousted from the town stores, which are now filled up with people who are not keeping the COVID19 guidelines.  According to a    customer who requested to be referred to as Linda, she approached various stores informing them of people not adhering to Covid19 rules.

The staff members replied using a fakebook post claiming that they receive insults from customers for trying to comply with COVID19 rules.

A few residents and tourists claim that the COVID19 is not as dangerous as people claim, and that the virus is exaggerated. They also claim that people are happy to welcome the summer buzz. Most tourists even state that they have come to escape the disease.

Police in Cornwall and Devon were given $500000 to assist in managing the pandemic during this season. This has led to the introduction of street marshals.

This week there were only 20 cases of coronavirus reported in Cornwall, which increased compared to last week when the cases were only 14.

Cornwall council will monitor congested sites and provide marshals and signs in a situation where they can assist. However, members of the public are called to be considerate to other people and keep up with the health guidelines.


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