Cornwall County Council Meetings Set to Resume

Cornwall County Council Meetings Set to Resume
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Cornwall County council will hold a virtual meeting next week to discuss how future virtual meetings will be conducted. The council announced that they will hold a video conference meeting that will bring together the local councilors.

The government announced new guidelines for holding meetings to avoid spreading coronavirus. Most of the local councils, including Cornwall, have since purchased the technological equipment required for the virtual meeting. However, Cornwall has never held a single formal meeting since March.

Cornwall councilors have been briefed and trained on how the system works. The governance and constitution committee in the council will hold a brief meeting on May 14 to discuss how the virtual meetings will be conducted.

This comes at a time when NHS Kernow and St Austell Council have held their virtual meetings this week. These meetings were held remotely with about 10 participants per meeting.

All councilors participating in the meeting will be required to connect their devices from their homes. This is a precautionary measure to practice social distancing by avoiding contact between councilors. Normally, council meetings are held in the County Hall but access to the premise has now been restricted due to coronavirus pandemic.

Conservative group’s leader, Linda Taylor, applauded the move by the council and termed it as a necessary move to keep the county operational. However, she scolded the council for taking too long to hold its first meeting.

Councillor Taylor said that Cornwall Council has an outdated IT system, and this explains why they have taken too long to convene the meeting. She expressed her disappointment with the council for not supporting the local IT companies.

Councillor Taylor noted that some councilors were experiencing connectivity problems. However, she said that the meetings will go on as scheduled because a majority of them were brought on board.


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