Cornwall Council Submits A30 Link Road Planning Application To St Austell


The Cornwall Council has proposed a new link road to A30 in Cornwall. The plan for the much-awaited link road was presented by AECOM Limited last Wednesday, January 9. This plan will provide an excellent 10-meter wide single roadway covering 3.9 miles to Victoria from Stenalees. The chosen route among 14 possible options would go to the west of Roche having a designated speed of 60mph.  Aside from this, there are also other road projects included in the plan. Bridleways, cycle paths, footways, and bridleways will also be implemented based on the proposal.

A new road between Stannary and Roche road will be opened. The existing roundabout at Stenalees between the B3274, Stannary road and new link road called as StALR will be replaced, and new roundabouts will be built. One is to the southwest of Trezise, and another one will be to western Roche between the Harmony road, C0065 and link road to Whitemoor. The last one will be to the northeast of Roche between Edgcumbe road, C0120, and the new link road. Additional underbridges will be constructed. One will be placed under the road leading to the west of Roche and the other one will be at the southern Harmony Road. Both underbridges will provide equestrian, cycle, agricultural and pedestrian passage and ecology corridors.

These plans are all part of ‘Connecting Cornwall: 2030’ by the county’s council which aims to make working places more accessible and increase economic progress, especially in St Austell through this new link road. The council also hopes that this will support the continuous housing expansion and promote development in Stenalees, Roche, and Bugle. The scheme will also remove blockages around the vicinity.

The planning application states: “St Austell is currently isolated from the A30 corridor by an unreliable road network. The mid-Cornwall area faces economic challenges, which are further exacerbated by the region’s lack of connectivity. The purpose of the StALR is to unlock potential for economic growth and address high levels of congestion experienced along the existing A391 and B3274 north of Stenalees.”

“The region has lacked a high quality continuous route between St Austell and the A30. This is considered a contributing factor to the restriction of economic growth and sustainable development in mid-Cornwall and St Austell, as Cornwall’s largest town,” the application continues.

The necessity to have this plan was initially determined in the early 1990s. However, it didn’t advance. The same scenario happened in 2003 and 2005. The primary reason was all bids didn’t get enough resources to push through. But in 2016, with the government’s £475-million budget under the Large Local Schemes Programme, they were able to recognize that the project StALR deserved to be funded. The resolution deadline for Cornwall council is on May 1, 2019.  Construction is scheduled to begin in spring of 2020 and is projected to be completed in 2022.