Cornwall Council Plan of Fortnightly Rubbish Collection Delayed by Almost a Year

Cornwall Council Plan of Fortnightly Rubbish Collection Delayed by Almost a Year

The Cornwall Council has agreed that the new contract of garbage waste collection will start in February 2021, and the new collection of garbage services will start in 2022, almost a year after it was initially planned. The Council approved a new 8-year contract of recycling and waste collection services with Biffa company.

The one-year delay was due to the building of new disposal facilities and the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Council also stated that there were lots of things to organize to expedite these changes, and important adaptations were required to transfer waste stations that need building works and proper planning. One example is linked to separate food waste management.

Changes were made where recycling will be collected every 2 weeks, and garbage pick-ups services are done weekly.

Initially, the contract aimed at collecting the black bag fortnightly and recycling bag collected weekly. This was implemented to increase the volume of waste to be recycled in the district while minimizing black bag disposal.

Nevertheless, the Council cannot find an operator that can deliver the level of garbage collection services within its planned budget, so they altered it and agreed that both garbage collection and recycling are done fortnightly.

With the new collection service, the community will continue to utilize the existing recycling garbage bins. Still, it will be provided with wheelie bins for their segregated black bags in addition to containers for the food wastes.

Seagull-proof sacks will be given to households that do not have space to keep the wheelie-bin. The Council also announced that the new waste collection services permit households to put out garbage waste that will fit in the wheelie bin or sack, and any added waste will not be picked up.

The Council has invested in the new fleet of large vehicles to collect more rubbish and improve recycling collection services. A council Cabinet member, Rob Nolan, encouraged the general public to shop smarter and recycle food leftovers for home composting to make a big difference in reducing the volume of food disposal in the bin.

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