Cornwall Council Leader Supports “Black Lives Matter” Protests


Cornwall Council leader, Julian German, said that he supports the “Black Lives Matter” movement protests that have been held in Cornwall and other towns in the United Kingdom. Mr German indicated that he stands with the protestors and thanked all the people who took part in demonstrations.

Mr German made the remarks when he was officiating the first Cabinet meeting since the lockdown began. The council operations were halted three months ago when the government announced a countrywide lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus.

The “black lives matter” protests were held in Cornwall last week to advocate for equal rights among all citizens. The protestors castigated the government for being reluctant to address issues of racism and social injustices in the country.

Mr German admitted that there are cases of racism in Cornwall. He added that the council would work with all partners to ensure that black people in Cornwall are not discriminated against or denied equal justice.

Over 1000 people gathered in Truro on Monday to protest against racism in Cornwall. The demonstrators carried placards written “Black Lives Matter” and marched to a memorial park in Truro.

Several speakers who addressed the demonstrators demanded that the government addresses the issues of racism, discrimination against black people, and other social injustices in the society. They argued that the government had ignored the plight of black people over the years.

The protests were held in solidarity with other protestors in America and other countries following the death of a black man, George Floyd, in the hands of a white police officer.

The incident was recorded in a video that went viral, sparking mixed reactions among Americans. Thousands of Americans took to the streets to demand justice for George Floyd and called on the government to respect the lives of black people.


  1. would appear to me that councillor german likes his face in the media… it seems to be everywhere recently…..I trust he was speaking for himself and not the whole of the council or the people of cornwall….we each have our own opinions on this issue especially the way they demonstrate

  2. BLM are such hypocrites, they only care about equality for thug criminals that brake the law and are confronted by police. But don’t give a tinkers dam about black on black crime. That’s not worth their time. And of course they don’t want the police.


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