Cornwall Council Issues More Information in the Latest Coronavirus Briefing

Cornwall Council Issues More Information in the Latest Coronavirus Briefing
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The unitary council in Cornwall held a press briefing yesterday. The council said that the only priority right now is to tackle the challenges that have been created by the deadly virus.

Residents were urged to observe the government’s directive on national lock down. Cornish residents will be required to stay at home and to keep social distances at all times. However, essential services and retail food stores across Cornwall will be partially operational with a skeleton of workers.

The council urged Cornish residents to report any case of suspected corona virus cases within their neighborhood. Residents will be required to email the council or make a call to report any cases.

Julian German, the council leader, said that the week had been challenging for everyone and his thoughts were with all the affected residents. He, however, noted that corona virus has affected every Cornish resident in one way or another.

Mr. German noted that the contact center has been receiving 1000 calls and 150 emails in a day. The council helpline is also receiving approximately 70 calls per day. He requested those who have access to online platforms to use them instead of calling.

The council revealed that it had changed its operations during this time of corona virus crisis. It has also altered resource allocation and utilization to minimize wastage and to create more funds for helping the affected residents.

The council tax will be used to help people who are in financial hardships. The government also donated £3.4 million to the council. Those struggling financially were urged to apply for the funds through their website.

In addition, the council has teamed up with community groups and volunteers across Cornwall to offer help to the most vulnerable residents.

The council is also recruiting over 4000 carers who will help them in providing support care services across the county. Mr. German announced that over 100 carers are already undergoing training, and they will be deployed next week.

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