Cops investigating Exeter synagogue firebombs praised for a job well done


The cops in Exeter investigating the firebombing of the synagogue in Exeter have been praised for their response to the attack and the world class manner in which the investigation is being carried out. They were commended in London where the annual World Class Policing Awards were held.

The CCTV cameras showed a recording of Tristan Morgan, a white supremacist, throwing fuel through the windows of the synagogue just before his face took a blast of the explosion.

Fortunately, there was no one in the synagogue during the attack, and so there were no injuries or deaths. Tristan Morgan walked away from the explosion; however, he was quickly identified after the CCTV camera was inspected and then promptly arrested at his house on Alexander Terrace, Exeter. He sustained burns on his forehead, hair, and hands.

The prompt response of Cornwall and Devon’s police to the attack and how they rallied the community spirit is deserving of praise.

The local unit for counter-terrorism acts, the neighbourhood, the diversity staff, as well as diverse religious centres came together to support the distressed Jewish members of the city.

The prosecution was successfully handled, and the methods the force implemented were highly commendable. The Chief Rabbi in the UK praised their hard work and expressed hopes that the entire country will learn from their example.

The way this incident was handled has led to an increased sense of partnership and trust between the Jewish people in Exeter and the force.

There is now an increase in patrols on Jewish festivals and holy days, further reassuring the residents in the city. Preventative guidance has been given to religious centres across the country.

The Exeter synagogue is the 3rd oldest synagogue in Britain. Made in 1763, it continues to be a focal place of worship for Jewish people located in the region of the southwest.

Richard Halsey, the synagogue’s president, expressed his sincere thanks to the police for their response, support, and thorough investigation.


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