Control of New BCP Council in Dorset Taken Over by an Alliance


Vikki Slade, a liberal democrat, is now the leader of Bournemouth, Poole Council, and Christchurch after winning an election for the position. The liberal Democrat was elected to lead the BCP council.

The BCP Council is a new council created by merging three authorities that were previously conservatively controlled.

In May’s local elections, the overall control of the three authorities, Bournemouth, Christchurch, and Poole, was not won by any of the parties that were taking part in the poll.

Out of a total of 76 seats in the authority, the Tories managed to capture 36 seats. This made the Tories the largest of the parties.

Vikki Slade was voted in as the first leader of the merged authority after an alliance of Labour, Green, Lib Dem, and Independent councillors gathered their votes in favor of Slade.

The BCP Council was formed in April as a money-saving tactic. Nine authorities in Dorset were included in the merger that created the BCP Council.

In the new Unity Alliance administration that voted in Slade, the liberal Democrats comprise of 15 Councillors, eight councillors from the Christchurch Independents, seven councillors from the Poole People, Labour has three councillors, Green 2 councillors, Independents 3, and Alliance for Local Living has only one councillor. The councillors forming the alliance totals to 39.

The authority held its first meeting at Bournemouth University as the existing chamber, the Bournemouth Council Chamber, is too small to accommodate all of the councillors. It has a full capacity of only 70 people.

The authority’s meeting was at the Lees Lecture Theater at Bournemouth University, which can accommodate about 254 people. However, the theatre costs 750 pounds for full day hire and about 470 pounds to hire for 4 hours. Nevertheless, the meeting was a success and the councillors were comfortable during the meeting.

The BCP is now the unitary local authority that will serve the three districts.






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