Continuous Theft in Devichoys Farm Stall Unbelievable and Disheartening

Continuous Theft in Devichoys Farm Stall Unbelievable and Disheartening
Farmers' food market stall with variety of organic vegetable. Vendor serving and chating with customers.

These are challenging times for the majority of the world population as we know it. The viral outbreak of the deadly COVID-19 took a great toll on people’s jobs, homes, health, and finances.

Although the struggle to bounce back to normalcy is still very real and ongoing, lots of efforts are being made by various governments, businesses, and even charity organizations to help alleviate the exacerbated harsh economic conditions of their population by providing financial aids and other welfare packages to the most vulnerable people.

Devichoys farm stall near Mylor would be one of such businesses. Lynne Chellew, one of the owners of the stall, said they’d been told that the stall has been uplifting people during this difficult time.

The said stall had been operating since May of the immediate past year. They grow and supply local produce to the community. This has been well-received and appreciated by residents as a handsome contribution to the community.

However, an unfortunate incident has been going on in the farm stall repeatedly for the past three weeks now. On the evening of last Saturday, the stall was robbed, making it three weeks in succession that it happened.

Cameras were put up to monitor activities in the stall, and perhaps also, as a deterring or security measure, after several thefts and a man caught stealing from the stall.

Lynne Chellew and Sally Chellew, who are the stall owners, expressed their frustration on the issue when they said: “enough is enough.”

This is discouraging for the owners, as Lynne told a News outlet. It is important to bring the perpetrator of this nefarious activity to book. Stealing from a farm stall that has helped members of the community should be the last thing anyone would do.

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