Contaminated Cornwall Beaches Scared the Dog Walkers

Contaminated Cornwall Beaches Scared the Dog Walkers

The community of dog owners cries out to the Cornwall Council as the beaches of Bude are contaminated with palm oil, which is said to be a deadly substance to our furry friends.


Most of us know, palm oil is a cooking ingredient. The origin of this greasy, edible substance came from the pulp of the palms located in Africa, America, and Maripa. Not only that, but palm oil is also used for processing toiletries and biofuels. For some large shipping companies, it is also used as a tank cleaning agent.


Now, the question is how this substance finds its way to the beaches or any bodies of water. As an international law, ships are permitted to offload residues of palm oil while still offshore. This is acceptable provided that the nearest land is 12 nautical miles away from them, and water depth is no less 25 meters. Also, palm oil leaks happen when unfortunate incidents such as collision and sinking of ships occur.


The discovery of palm oil being washed ashore on the beaches of Summerleaze and Upton alarmed the dog walkers and owners to veer away from the said beaches. As palm oil is said to be dangerous to our furry buddies.


Technically, palm oil is not poisonous to dogs. However, it can be deadly when it leads to extreme cases like pancreatitis. The substance has a laxative effect, that causes sickness, diarrhea, and dehydration if swallowed excessively by dogs. Ingesting the substance creates blockages in the gut because of its semi-solid state. If mixed with other toxic products and elements such as diesel oil from ships, then it makes palm oil more poisonous.


The Penbode Pet Veterinary Surgeons are trying to raise awareness about this matter through sharing posts (warnings to dog owners) on its Facebook page. The palm oil that has been afloat in the cold sea for quite some time has already reached its solidified state. This solid-state entice dogs or other wild animals to sniff, lick, and swallow the dangerous substance.

Moreover, Friends of Portheras Cove, an alliance of volunteers who help maintain the cleanliness of coastline, issued a warning after the discovery of palm oil along the coves surrounding Pendeen.


Lastly, if you discover deposits of palm oil on the shore while doing daily routine walks with your dogs, you can reach out to the Cornwall Council.

Here is the contact number where you can convey your findings of palm oil deposits, 0300 1234 141.

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