Construction Works for Cornwall Stadium Likely to be Scaled Down

Construction Works for Cornwall Stadium Likely to be Scaled Down

Construction works for a stadium for Cornwall could be scaled down after a new planning application was submitted this week. This means that the first phase of construction works may be halted as the new application will be under consideration.

The stadium is located at Langarth near Truro. It is set to be the base for Cornwall’s rugby and football teams. It will also have conferences and other community facilities that will be utilised by the residents in the county.

Plans to build the stadium began nine years ago when Cornwall Council gave permission to the partners to build a 10,000-capacity stadium. Once complete, it will be home to Truro City FC and the Cornish Pirates rugby team.

According to the old plan, the first phase, which is currently underway, was to create a 6000 capacity stadium at the cost of £14.3m. However, the new plan indicates that the stadium will have a capacity of between 3000 to 4000 people.

The partners submitted a request to the council to allow them to alter the original plan. If the new application is granted, construction works will be stopped temporarily until the new plan is adopted for implementation.

The planning permission will lapse by April 2023, and the partners will not be able to proceed with the construction process unless they apply for renewal. Therefore, they have to ensure that construction work kicks off before April 2023.

The council had already paid a £3m commitment fee, but the amount could be increased because construction costs have increased over the last 12 months. The world has experienced changes in the last year, and therefore the cost has to be revised to match the current times.

However, the partners are optimistic that construction works will not be affected by the new application, and there will be no scaling down.

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