Construction of 675 new homes and a school approved in Bridgwater despite numerous concerns

Construction of 675 new homes and a school approved in Bridgwater despite numerous concerns

A massive 675-home estate and a new primary school have been approved for construction at the western edge of Bridgwater. This is despite the current resident’s and councilors’ fears and concerns that the roads can’t accommodate the increase in traffic.

Residents have voiced out and said this project could cause “chaos” on one of the main roads. Two housing companies, Martin Grant Homes and Cavanna Homes South West Ltd put forward these plans to develop the home estate on the northside of A39 Quantock Road.

Another total of £4M is going to be provided by the developers in constructing a new primary school in the estate. This school plans to accommodate around 420 pupils.

Multiple ward members voiced out their concerns about increased traffic and potential serious flooding issues in the area. Despite this, the Sedgemoor District Council’s development committee still approved the plans. The two-hour-plus debate for the development plans was held on October 13, Tuesday.

The plans were approved with 10 votes for it and 5 votes against. Out of 675 homes, only 48 were considered affordable. This is due to the costs of a road junction that must be built. The concerns of the overall viability of the estate also contributed to reducing home affordability.

To improve the traffic situation of the site, a bus service was proposed by the developers. However, some of the councilors still voiced their concern about the availability of the service. This bus service may not be available for a few more years until all of the estate roads are finished.

To further cut down traffic problems, cycling is also planned to be highly encouraged in the area. The plans also took into consideration the needs of multiple cyclists and pedestrians.

The overall reception of this development plan outside the council has been quite negative. Many people have raised points about the plan not contributing to achieving zero carbon emission movements.

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  1. When is Sedgemoor going to stop destroying the countryside with constant approval of more and more houses we are not supposed to be building for the whole country. We already have too many houses, they forced housing on puriton even though it was outside the boundary because of their belief that there was a need… they still haven’t all sold!! Now they are looking to approve more houses the development and planning at Sedgemoor is a total joke

  2. I agree with you Kevinb. There are all sorts of reasons why these houses should not be built. What about medical needs, there no GP surgeries, will there be gas supplies to the houses because the gas board said they could not supply certain areas because it was too expensive to lay the piping so most people are oil fired heating. What about food shopping and all the numerous other amenities needed. This is just corporate greed by the builders. Of all the houses on this estate only 48 will be affordable houses!!! There already is a plan to build three other estates in our area around Woolavington.

  3. We have a similar situation in Mendip.
    Housing estates in inappropriate places despite many constructive objections.
    There seems to be no thought for the displaced wildlife in the effort to appease these developers, in their locust-like efforts to despoil the countryside and disrupt the lives of people in the area.
    I am very suspicious of planning departments in general, and wonder whether the thought of all that new council tax from these houses is a big draw to allowing them to be built.
    Now the question IS, what happens if we get a unitary authority?


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