Concerns over delay in getting COVID-19 vaccine to Somerset Care Homes

Concerns over delay in getting COVID-19 vaccine to Somerset Care Homes
COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine vaccination

Claims have emerged that COVID-19 vaccines were given out to health care employees at the SSC or Somerset County Council and the residents of care homes were unfortunately left wanting.

The CCG or Clinical Commissioning Group of Somerset clarified the news and reported that it is delivering the COVID-19 vaccine under the government guidance which includes the health and social care employees of the council.

The first round of vaccinations was conducted last week at Somerset Yeovil District Hospital that has started earlier in December and will be carried out to the chosen government-led locations.

However, the number of elderly residents who were given the COVID-19 vaccines was not reported.

The claims also revealed that there were some employees of the county council who were administered with the jab. This is the main reason why the residents have reacted, and some were angry upon hearing the news.

An eighty-year-old resident in Chard who preferred to remain anonymous complained that the available vaccines are not being carried to the different care homes. He also added that the elderly must be given priority since they only have the least chance of getting it but instead it was administered to the staff working at the council who have easy access to the COVID-19 vaccine.

The spokesperson of CCG commented that the rollout was done following the basic guidelines of the government and one of the plans of the organization is to conduct the vaccinations of the Pfizer vaccine to other vulnerable sites. He also added that the program will conduct valuable vaccinations for home care residents soon.

The spokesperson of SSC  has verified that the councilors and the employees on the SSC premises have not yet received the said vaccinations.

He also added that they will prioritize the vulnerable group which consists of the residents of care homes across Somerset and social care workers in administering the vaccine following the government guidelines when vaccination opportunities are accessible.

He also reported that proper vaccine usage is continuously supervised and that vaccinations will be extended to other essential colleagues who are on the government list of priority groups.

The spokesperson also expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming support from the system partners who played a great role in delivering the first round of vaccinations to the most vulnerable people in the country.


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