Close To £24 M to be Invested in Bridgwater Following the Town’s Deal Projects Approval

Close To £24 M to be Invested in Bridgwater Following the Town’s Deal Projects Approval
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Bridgwater town will benefit from a £23M investment in the coming years after the government gave the go-ahead to its development projects proposals in and around the town centre.

These projects were designed to improve the businesses, infrastructure and to unite the communities. The government had approved an initial sum of £750 000 to commence the Northgate regeneration scheme on Mount Street.

This included improvements to the adjacent Brewery field green space. Bridgwater’s Town Board submitted 11 more formal project proposals in March. Their goal was to attract upwards of £24 M to fund the regeneration of the town centre.

Sedgemoor District Council confirmed the receipt of £22.6M for the projects and described it as very welcome news and a considerable boost to the local economy.

Bridgwater was among the 30 towns in the UK whose funding was confirmed on June 8 by the Ministry for Housing, Communities, and Local Government.

The following are the projects that were brought forward by the town board:

  • The Bridgewater Tidal Barrier is set to protect 11500 properties and a further 1500 businesses against floods.
  • Improving the pedestrian and cycling facilities.
  • Improving the Bridgwater Arts Centre on Castle Street.
  • Making upgrades on the Dunball roundabout near junction 23 of the M5 to improve the flow of traffic.
  • Restoration of the Docks to enhance it as a tourist attraction site.
  • Bridgwater Docks.
  • Improvement of the Bridgwater town hall and the enclosed theatre to increase accessibility to persons with disabilities.
  • Improvement of Bridgwater Carnival.
  • Upgrade of the Engine Room on High Street to increase its capacity.
  • Employment of town wardens and event ambassadors to build confidence and dissuade antisocial behaviour in the town Centre.
  • Creation of a friendly business environment for small businesses in the town centre to display their ideas before making significant investments.
  • Working on the Celebration Mile between the docks and the railway station and hosting events that promote businesses in the locality.

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