Climate study indicates that Bridgwater could be submerged by 2050

Climate study indicates that Bridgwater could be submerged by 2050

A climate activist group carried out studies and stated that Somerset Town could be submerged by the year 2050. A rise in sea levels may have triggered this. These studies were carried out by journalists and scientists seeking to know how climate change can affect Somerset.

The studies indicated that Somerset town could be submerged by 2050, including Bridgewater, which happens to be a major town in Somerset. This will mainly be caused by an expected rise in sea levels and the county’s annual flooding levels.

Research studies have shown that the sea levels could rise by about 10.8 meters if temperatures increased by four degrees from the previous industrial levels. However, the research also indicates that about 100 million people could lose their homes globally if the sea levels could rise by only two-degrees.

If this prediction is accurate, many Somerset residents could be forced to relocate as the sea will reclaim vast land areas in the county. River Parrett passes across the centre of the town, increasing the risk of flooding.

However, some areas in Bridgwater, such as Hay grove school, Northfield area, Bridgewater Cricket Club, are located on high ground, which might help them to escape.

Areas such as Quantock Road stretching to New Road may also remain unaffected. Residents living around Bath Road, Bristol Road, and M5 may find it challenging to access the town once it is completely submerged.

Transport will also be affected given that the train station is expected to be completely submerged. Those in need of medical services might find it challenging to get them given that Bridgewater Hospital might also be entirely submerged by then, based on predictions.

According to Climate Central, the group that carried out these studies, they made use of readily available data about the affected areas’ layouts to make the predictions.



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