Climate change: LED lights significant in lowering UK energy demand


The preference of UK citizens to LED lights creates a trivial yet significant impact on UK energy demand. Taking data from Carbon Brief, an environmental analysis website, the use of LED lights not just in households but also in minor and major industries created a significant shift in energy consumption. Continued manufacturing of appliances and electronics with EU standards on energy efficiency also helped in this decline of energy consumption.

UK’s aim to cut carbon emission has been successfully done in the past years, thanks to the renewable energy sources that replaced coal power plants. On top of this, the region’s preference to energy-efficient electronics and appliances have also helped lower down energy demand and carbon in the past years.

The shift of energy consumption in 2005 marks the turntable of energy efficiency, and this is mainly due to renewable energy sources. On one point, there is also the need to look upon the not-so recognized contributor to this shift. Energy efficient electronics like LED lights are also a player in this energy-saving shift. Simon Evans, one of the authors from Carbon Brief, told BBC News, “Although the picture is complex, it’s clear that energy efficiency has played a huge role in help the UK to decarbonize – and think that it’s not getting the recognition it should have.”

People just don’t see the contributing factor of energy efficiency in most appliances they already have in their household, especially the contribution of LED lights to the continuing phenomenon of global overheating, but they will soon do.

Focusing on the use of LED lights to light up the household, comparing it to use of incandescent and fluorescent lighting, has created an awareness and will soon turn out to be a key factor of helping the planet recover from the massive effects of global warming. The UK gov’t has continuously mentioned how it promotes energy efficiency, but according to campaigners, it could still do more. The United Nation’s climate body also supports energy efficiency as one of its major policy objectives– though the issue features limited media coverage. More exposure to this energy efficiency player will make people aware of how they could do more with LED lights than just lowering their electricity bills.