Cirencester Skeleton Reconstructed By Experts in Hope of Knowing his Identity


A facial reconstruction was made by experts on a skeleton that was discovered last year in an effort to know its identity. The body skeleton was discovered last year in a woodland located near the A419 near Cirencester by a group of workmen in May 2018. Police authorities in Gloucestershire have released a statement that the body has been undiscovered for some time, and there were no suspicious circumstances that need to be investigated.

Until now, the identity of the victim still remains a mystery a year after it was discovered, and police authorities, with the help of experts, have created a computer-generated image of his face in the hope of looking for someone who might recognize the victim.

Detective Chief Inspector Richard Ocone of the Gloucestershire Police has said that the body was very much decomposed and was already in the skeleton stage when it was found a year ago. He further said that the man was probably between 30 to 55 years old, about 5’5” to 5’8” in height, and is likely a white British national. Other items that were found in the decomposing body were sunglasses, raincoat, torch, radio, and trainers.

Police authorities have also added that they still have no clue on the cause of the person’s death, and all they are prioritizing right now is to know the identity of the victim. The decomposing body was found wearing a black or gray raincoat and a grey or blue short-sleeved shirt with blue trousers and a dark leather belt. A beige baseball cap and dark trainers were also found near the decomposing body.

DNA samples of the body found no match of the national DNA database and the missing person DNA database, so the need of face reconstruction was done by authorities with the help of experts from the Liverpool John Moores University.


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