Chesterfield FC united Win Against Torquay United was unexpected


Chesterfield FC unexpectedly defeated Torquay United at plainmoor. This became their sixth successive league defeat.

The day was the worst for Torquay united, characterized by a heavy downpour. One minute after the game stated Chesterfield FC scored their first goal against Torquay united. Things became worse before the break when the referee Lee Collins sent striker Saikau Janneh home after he was involved in a clash with Laurance Maguire, who is a chesterfield defender.

Chesterfield fans had never predicted a win online, and most Torquay fans referred Chesterfield FC united as time-wasters. This is what is being referred to as game management in recent days.

The league seems to have game managers as well. Most fans and team players have been thought to proact, but fail to deliver when playing the game.

Moreover, Torquay united will have to play their Christmas games without their striker. The team had to make about two substitutions bringing on Jared Lewington and Kalvin Kalala.

Curtis Weston was the popular player of the game after he made it 2-0 for Chesterfield united after scoring through a close-range header in the second half. Where else Haydn Hollins made it 3-0 for Chesterfield, 20 minutes before the game ended.

This was unexpected given the fact that Chesterfield has not won any game for the last seven matches. Chesterfield has had a troubled season because they started as bookies favorite and later rose to league two.

The critical games during the Christmas holiday will see Solihull moors spend their Christmas away from home since they have a fixture at Halifax.

However, it is difficult to predict the results of any team because each team has very many matches to play in a short period given that injuries and a feeling of exhaustion are expected among players.



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