Charity to Raise Money for Disadvantaged Children in Exeter Gets £29,970

Charity to Raise Money for Disadvantaged Children in Exeter Gets £29,970

A charity scheme meant to raise money for disadvantaged children in Exeter was given £29,970 today. The donation was made by BBC Children in Need organization.

The BBC Children In Need group ran a funds drive in November 2019 to raise money to support the delivery of essential services to the young people in the city. They managed to raise a large amount of money through donations from well-wishers and other charity organizations.

The group then decided to donate a portion of the money to the Youth Arts and Health Trust group, which is based in Exeter. Youth Arts and Health Trust has been providing social support services for disadvantaged children.

The donation will be added to the group’s local investments, which currently stand at £219,000. The funds will be used to support art therapy sessions for young people who are suffering from depression and anxiety.

The beneficiaries will be engaged in activities that will help them reduce low mood and anxiety in a non-judgmental and safe space. Participants will be guided in setting their own goals and encouraged to talk honestly and openly.

All the expenses will be catered for by the charity organization. The therapists and other staff will be paid from the group’s finance kitty.

According to the director of the charity group, the funding will benefit the community as a whole because psychological disorders affect the entire society. He noted that the group will outsource qualified and experienced art therapists to ensure that young people get high-quality services.

He went ahead to say that art therapy helps children to be more creative and talk more freely. In doing so, they easily identify, explore, and overcome the challenges they face in their daily lives. He concluded by thanking the BBC Children in Need group for the donation.

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